Life is terrifying and fun and exciting

Welcome to my first blog post! You may remember me from such blogs as “Dodgy: My Favourite British Word,” and a collection of weird blogs I had as a preteen.  This is my first blog post as a burgeoning entrepreneur.  I would kindly ask that everyone now refer to my exclusively as Entrepreneur Liza.  Or just Liza, because that’s my name.  My business’s name is Halyard.  You may be asking yourself: Why Halyard? How do you pronounce that? Why would anyone ever want to be called Entrepreneur Liza? These are all WONDERFUL questions, kind reader.  To find out answers to those questions and more, I urge you to go to my about page and then come back here where the hilarity will continue.

This blog will serve as a place for me to update you about Halyard’s goings on.  We* have many exciting things coming up like events where I will be selling my flags, studio renovations, and a plethora of flag making. I invite you to join me on what is guaranteed to be a zany journey. How can you resist guaranteed zaniness?

*This is not a royal we.  I may be the sole employee/employer of Halyard but there are a variety of people I am absolutely certain this journey would be impossible without and I would like to use this footnote to thank those glorious people, Oscars style. Dawndawn and Ronron, I can’t imagine I will ever run out of reasons to thank you so words on a blog won’t suffice. Brothers and sister-in-law, thank you for being three of my biggest supporters before there was a business to support. And a preemptive thanks to the generous people who will donate there time to me in the future as I am frantically preparing for craft shows.


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