(Pre) Studio Tour

Welcome to the (Pre) Studio Tour series of this blog, where I will be taking you through the trials and tribulations of updating a space from DRAB TO FAB!!!!!! And by FAB I mean a functioning studio where I can streamline the making of Halyard flags.

One of the many benefits to having (super fantastic) parents who live on a farm is that they have an abundance of space. With a portion of this space, I am renovating/making my studio.  The space was the previous owner’s music studio located in the barn. It’s a big space with a kitchen and fire place. In other words, this is going to be a super swanky studio. Even the “before” pictures aren’t that bad:


Okay, so there’s quite a bit of crud to clean up. This room is currently being used as a storage/catch-all space by my parents.  However, take note of those gorgeous pieces of wood to the left of those eye-sore vinyl chairs.  A huge branch fell off a tree at my parents’ place and they decided to get the wood milled so that it could be turned into any variety of things, including a couple of very special, very one of a kind flags.



Swanky city fire place ft. ugly vinyl chairs w/ full throttle rip-the-skin-off-the-back-of-your-legs-when-you-sit-on-them-in-shorts capacities.



A nice shot exemplifying the missing/incomplete drywall.  In life, I recommend having someone who is passionate about being a handy man (but is not a handy man as his day job). My cool as heck brother Andrew has already started fixing up some of the holes and is going to tackle the bigger areas soon.



And the kitchen! A sink and lots of cupboard space will do me well in my painting endeavours.

I’m hoping to have this place functioning in the near future and looking nice in the slightly more distant future. Stay tuned for more updates on this (Pre) Studio Tour!

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