The exciting news is finally here!

Drum roll please (press play)…

I’m now a seller on Brika! If you haven’t heard of Brika before, you’re going to be happy that I’m telling you about it now.  It’s an amazing website which helps crafters, makers, artists, designers, etc, sell their products to the world.  The website’s interface works like any online shopping space.  The kicker with this website is that they select who sells on their website so you won’t come across any nonsense garbage here.  Only true gems.  Even better, this international company is BASED IN TORONTO! And if you think that’s amazing wait until you hear this: Brika is run by two very impressive women.

I was in love with Brika before they accepted my application to be apart of their website. I would’ve recommended simultaneously supporting a great company and amazing makers by purchasing from Brika before today.  But after today, I’m going to recommend it more because shameless self promotion.

I’m selling three items on Brika: the Canadian flag, the wood and white Canadian flag and the USA flag.  You can check ’em all out here, my just-launched Brika page. (Is this real? Who knows. Dreams do come true.)

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