2014 Year in Review: Top Customer Feedback

I find it truly astounding when customers take the time out of their day to let me know how much they enjoy my product. Below is a list outlining some standout delightful customer feedback from 2014.

Number 5: This order is cool for a variety of reasons, the first being that the customer lived all the way in Seattle! She ordered a Union Jack at the beginning of the year. She found me on Etsy and was such a delight through the whole ordering process.  When the flag made it all the way to the west coast, she hung it up and sent me a gorgeous picture of the flag hanging at the bottom of her staircase. I LOVE getting pictures from customers of their flags hanging up.

Number 4: The best feedback is a repeat customer. A man from Ontario bought two small Canadian flags off of Etsy and then proceeded purchase two small American flags! I also find it astonishing when strangers locate my flags on Etsy and purchase them. I consider this a small miracle every time it happens and I LOVE IT.

Number 3: A lovely customer from Mississippi bought four small USA flags for her family. I think it was her feedback before she even received the flags and her confidence in my product that made her so wonderful. She informed me that she is from a family of makers and artists and so they all try to get each other handmade Christmas gifts. There is a silent competition amongst her family to get the best hand made gifts and she informed me my flags would help her clinch a victory this year. I’m prrrreeeetttty competitive so I obviously was delighted to help someone win a silent competition.

Number 2: I particularly like this feedback because it came from a customer who got their flag as a present. My friend Taylor purchased a Half Canada Half USA flag for her Aunt who lives in the States. This lovely Aunt took time out of her day to write me an email. Not only was it a kind email with the nicest feedback but also inspiring and motivating. Further than that, Taylor told me that her Aunt did a little Facebook post about Halyard which lead to one of her friends purchasing a flag as well! So this feedback is a triple threat: positive, motivating, and bringing in more business.

Number 1: My favourite customers are forever and always my friends and family. I’m unable to summarize your positive feedback as your business and encouragement have kept me going. If it wasn’t for all of you spending your hard earned money on me and being so kind about what I do, I would be a big heap of useless mush. Instead of being useless mush, I will be mushy and say thank you for all of your love and support this past year!

2014’s final year end list: Plans for 2015 (AKA suggestions from customers, friends and family that I got in 2014 but will be putting into action in 2015).

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