Welcome Back

I’m making a written promise right here and now so I have to stick to it. I am going to start blogging twice a week. “BUT YOU HAVEN’T BLOGGED IN MONTHS!” you say.  Well, dear reader, you are right. And I don’t know where I get off thinking I can go from zero to sixty in blogonds (blog+seconds) but I’m going to try my darndest.

Each week I’m going to post two series. The first one I’m calling Monday Muse.  I’ve been in the craft game for a minute now and I have encountered some amazingly talented ladies and gents making the coolest things you can get your hands on.  I find their work and work ethic inspiring and am giving myself a platform to gush about them. The best part about craft people is that they are delightful and supportive and kind and generous so I’m hoping to put some of that positive energy back into the world by promoting them a tiny little bit on this here blog.

The second series is going to be The School of Loosely Learned Life Lessons. I love everything about alliterations, even the word alliteration itself. I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants (I just googled what that meant because writing it out made no sense and I hyper linked an explanation for the cliche if you also have no idea what it means) these past couple of years teaching myself a variety of things from how to cut wood to how to build walls to marketing to accounting.  I’ve also had some pretty good professors along the way although they may not be aware of their tenure spot at TSLLLL.  I might get t-shirts made with that acronym.  I’m going to use this series as my note taking storage. I’ll be sharing the lessons I’ve taught myself and learned from others both as they come and some of the highlights from the past couple of years. I just realized I could have called this series run it up the flag poll (another phrase that 1. I didn’t know was a business cliche and 2. I had no idea what it meant).

I hope you’ll join me as I attempt to blog for more than two weeks.

Go run it up the flag poll.  Should that be my version of Ryan Seacrest’s “Seacrest out”?

Now On Facebook

Halyard has joined Facebook. Please like and share the Halyard Page to keep up to date with Halyard! You’ll get notices about Tweets, Instagrams, and Blog posts on the Halyard Page so you won’t miss a thing. IT’LL BE LIKE WE ARE BEST VIRTUAL FRIENDS!

One of a Kind Ticket Discount!

I AM SO EXCITED AND NERVOUS FOR ONE OF A KIND (OOAK)! I’m make my Artisan Profile right now and I went to the OOAK website to see what my profile will look like to customers. Seeing Halyard on this list of AMAAAAAHZING artisans made me want to cry and puke simultaneously (cute, right?).

As an artisan, I get to offer my friends, family, followers, customers, etc. a one dollar discount off the OOAK ticket price! Buy your tickets through this link and you will get the two dollars off for buying online and the one dollar off for knowing me! You can also simply enter the promotion code ASDhndz. Can’t wait to see you at the show!

STUDIO TOUR! (no “pre”)

Good gravy this took a while.  This amazing space is actually quite big so removing all of the stuff that was stored there, fixing up the walls, painting the walls, floors, and ceiling, and cleaning everything took a long time.  But I have been in my BEAUTIFUL finished studio now for a couple of months and I am loving it.  Everything has a place and my love of being organized can so easily be fulfilled. I can go from cutting wood to painting to sanding to staining so quickly.


Above is a panoramic picture of my studio. To the left is where I store all of my unprocessed wood and cut this wood down to size. I love how this section is organized and cutting the wood has gone from my least favourite part of making the flag to my second favourite part, right after painting the flags. You can see my stack of wood and table saw sitting there.

Wood Cutting Station (recently swept, normally there’s saw dust EVERYWHERE)

To the right of the cutting section is my inspiration wall and finished flag wrapping station.  I’ll have to post a picture of all of my inspirational quotes one day.  They are helpful when I’m feeling overwhelmed and I don’t have any coworkers to talk to so I talk to the walls. Oh, I’m crazy. Good. Great.


In the middle of my panorama picture is WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS. Or where I paint. In the panoramic picture I don’t have my beautiful drafting table but the picture below shows it.  The kitchen surrounding my painting station has everything stored away in a drawer or cupboard with labels on all of them. I’m sparing you a picture of my OCD cupboard labelling. You’re welcome.

Drafting Table

Further to the right in the panorama picture is where I sand and stain the flags.  Lots of sanding dust collects there.

To the right of the sanding station is where all the finished flags are stored.  I’ve reconfigured how the flags are stored a few times and I’m now super happy with the organization of things there. I’m prepping for One of a Kind in March so hopefully my storage section will be nice and full before then and I’ll post a picture on Instagram. (Follow me on Instagram). 

A fire is to the right of the storage because #swag.


And as far right as you can go on the image is where I hang flags that are being picked up or I have to mail out.

Staging some flags

I couldn’t be happier in my lovely little (read: massive) studio.

2014 Year in Review: Top 10 New Things Halyard is Doing in 2015

Happy New Years Eve all! To celebrate, Halyard is sharing the final year end list of 2014. This list outlines the new things Halyard will be doing in 2015 that I’m most excited about. I’m giving you this teaser list because I want you to be excited too!

10: Although this is number ten on my list of things I’m excited about, it is number one on my to-do list. I’ve been telling you all I would do this for MONTHS but I promise it will actually come in the new year: a virtual tour of my completed studio!

9: I’m going to start selling flags through my website. This is number nine on this list because I’m slightly dreading the process of figuring out exactly how to sell through my website but it is on this list because I think it’s going to be a bit of a game changer allowing people to order through the website instead of having to email me. I hope it isn’t too complicated of a process *monkey covering eyes emoji*
8: I’m going to start making black and white flags because a) monochrome is trendy, b) I want to, c) I want to be trendy. See how that cyclical thing works?
7:  ~*~SPARKLY FLAGS~*~ I’m not sure how the logistics for sparkly flags are going to work as of right now but I’m excited to figure it out.
6: More social media giveaways! I’m looking for Halyard to be Insta-famous. If anyone has any tips on how to make this happen besides amazing social media giveaways, I’m totally open to suggestions. The first one will be coming up really soon so keep your peepers peeped.
5: As you may have read in my first list, I had some delightful customers buy flags to use in lieu of table numbers at their wedding. I thought this was such a great idea that I’m going to keep a collection of flags on hand to use for bridal rental purposes. Tell your world travelling pals who are getting married to rent cool flags instead of making table numbers!
4: Little flag pins for the pal who’s about to go backpacking all over the world and you’re so jealous of them but you’re also supportive so you buy them a hand made in Canada Canadian flag pin to proudly sport on their Mountain Equipment Co-op bag. You’re a good friend.
3: Itty bitty Canadian flag magnets for a sweet little hand made Canadian souvenir!

2: Christmas ornaments! I’m upset I didn’t think about this one before this Christmas season because now I have to wait about 11 months to start selling them but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER I ALWAYS SAY. (I actually never say that because being late is not something I condone in anyway).

And finally, number 1: You’ve all been asking for it so I’m going to give it to you: CHEESE BOARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The trendiest home item is coming to Halyard.

I hope you have a lovely evening ringing in the new year. A big thanks to you, dear reader, for making my 2014 a great one.

2014 Year in Review: Top Customer Feedback

I find it truly astounding when customers take the time out of their day to let me know how much they enjoy my product. Below is a list outlining some standout delightful customer feedback from 2014.

Number 5: This order is cool for a variety of reasons, the first being that the customer lived all the way in Seattle! She ordered a Union Jack at the beginning of the year. She found me on Etsy and was such a delight through the whole ordering process.  When the flag made it all the way to the west coast, she hung it up and sent me a gorgeous picture of the flag hanging at the bottom of her staircase. I LOVE getting pictures from customers of their flags hanging up.

Number 4: The best feedback is a repeat customer. A man from Ontario bought two small Canadian flags off of Etsy and then proceeded purchase two small American flags! I also find it astonishing when strangers locate my flags on Etsy and purchase them. I consider this a small miracle every time it happens and I LOVE IT.

Number 3: A lovely customer from Mississippi bought four small USA flags for her family. I think it was her feedback before she even received the flags and her confidence in my product that made her so wonderful. She informed me that she is from a family of makers and artists and so they all try to get each other handmade Christmas gifts. There is a silent competition amongst her family to get the best hand made gifts and she informed me my flags would help her clinch a victory this year. I’m prrrreeeetttty competitive so I obviously was delighted to help someone win a silent competition.

Number 2: I particularly like this feedback because it came from a customer who got their flag as a present. My friend Taylor purchased a Half Canada Half USA flag for her Aunt who lives in the States. This lovely Aunt took time out of her day to write me an email. Not only was it a kind email with the nicest feedback but also inspiring and motivating. Further than that, Taylor told me that her Aunt did a little Facebook post about Halyard which lead to one of her friends purchasing a flag as well! So this feedback is a triple threat: positive, motivating, and bringing in more business.

Number 1: My favourite customers are forever and always my friends and family. I’m unable to summarize your positive feedback as your business and encouragement have kept me going. If it wasn’t for all of you spending your hard earned money on me and being so kind about what I do, I would be a big heap of useless mush. Instead of being useless mush, I will be mushy and say thank you for all of your love and support this past year!

2014’s final year end list: Plans for 2015 (AKA suggestions from customers, friends and family that I got in 2014 but will be putting into action in 2015).

2014 Year in Review: Best Craft Show Moments

The best part about any year coming to a close is all the amazing Year in Review lists. I love ’em, and I bet you do too. Or, at least, I hope you do because I’m about to make a few Year in Review lists myself! 2014 was an important year for Halyard as it went from part time hobby to full time job.  With that shift came a variety of other awesome changes that I will outline in top ten lists over the next couple of days.

Top Ten Craft Show Moments

At number 10: A person at a craft show asked me how much my flags were. I answered and they proceeded to SCOFF, say “Whew” and make a stank face. Normally in situations like these I am so taken aback by people’s rude-Judeness that I have nothing to say in return. However, this time I was able to muster “That’s a really curious thing to say about my work,” in a calm voice. I was SO proud of myself in that moment because I finally understood the immortal words of Taylor Swift: “The haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, I shake it off, I shake it off.”  This seemingly negative experience made the top ten list because it helped me realize that I can indeed deal with the haters without crying and breaking things and injuring people.

Number 9: This is another initially negative turned positive experience. It seems as though cheese boards are HOT HOT HOT right now.  At craft shows, people would frequently come up to me and ask “Are these cheese boards?” It was so frequent that I even started putting up signage indicating that the flags were decorative and not cheese boards. Cheese boards, cheese boards, cheese boards, the phrase was haunting my nightmares.  But this persistent question lead me to realize: I can make more than just decorative flags. You’ll have to stay tuned for the final list to hear how this saga has concluded.

Number 8: For those of you not in the crafting biz, most of the time you have to apply to craft shows and then you are informed whether or not you got into that craft show, much like applying for a credit card. However, like credit cards, you can be PRE APPROVED for a craft show by being invited to a show.  The first time I was invited to a craft show was the Stouffville Creek Retirement Christmas Craft Show and although the show didn’t equal a lot of sales, the invite certainly equaled a huge ego boost for me.

Number 7: I participated in a lovely craft show this Christmas season called West Rouge Holiday Artisan Sale. It was inexpensive to be in it and was in a community centre in the middle of a lovely residential neighbourhood. I didn’t have high hopes for an abundance of sales at this show but BOY WAS I WRONG. It was an amazing show where the whole neighbourhood came out and the customers were so delightful and kind and willing to purchase my flags. To this day, it was the most enjoyable craft show I have attended.

Number 6: After participating in 11 craft shows in 2014 I learned that their tends to be a constant trait amongst other vendors: all they want to do is help you succeed. They will share helpful tips from which craft shows are best to how to deal with finances as a business owner to building a thicker skin against those pesky haters. It’s a curious little community that I have found myself a part of and I’m proud to be in it.

Number 5: As made evident in moment number 10, I will often experience a negative reaction when customers hear the price of my flags. However, there is the rare scenario in which a customer insists that I am not charging enough for my flags. Every time that happens at a craft show, I am so grateful to that person. I’m especially grateful when someone says that I’m not charging enough after a long day of stank face responses to my prices. It is this kind of positive feedback that keeps me going.

Number 4: If you follow me on Instagram you will have already heard about this delightful moment.  A groom-to-be saw me and my flags at Made by Hand. He proceeded to email me to ask if I would be willing to make a different flag for each table at his impending wedding.  This couple has travelled far and wide so they decided to have countries denote each table rather than numbers. I’m making a small double sided flag that stands up on its own for each table for their June wedding. I can’t wait to share pictures of the little flags with all of you.

Number 3: At the final craft show I did, a gentleman decisively purchased one flag, got in his car and drove away. As he was driving away he thought to himself “Why don’t I just finish all of my Christmas shopping right now?” He turned around, came back to the show, and bought two more flags.  If you are looking to be the ideal customer, take notes on this guy.

Number 2: A rock ‘n’ roll musican said to me about my flags “They’re all evil in their own way.” I doubt anyone will ever say anything cooler about my flags.

And finally, my number 1 craft show moment: When I was invited in person at Made by Hand to apply to One of a Kind by their delightful vendor coordinator Lynn.  If I could bottle the feeling I had in that moment and sell it, I would be a millionaire.

Tomorrow: the ego stroking list called Top Customer Feedback.

Taking over BRIKA’s Instagram

Halyard will be taking over BRIKA’s Instagram today for the whole day! Tune in to see all the behind the scenes glamour that Halyard has to offer (AKA zero), studio pictures, process videos, and amazingly clever captions.  Follow along for more silliness at @shopBRIKA!

Halyard: Now Available at Canoe

I had the pleasure of meeting Tamara the other weekend and Made by Hand.  She told me about her wonderful store, Canoe, and suggested I apply to be a vendor there.  Well, I am delighted to announce that Halyard is now sold at Canoe.  I made the trip out to Hamilton on Monday to drop off a selection of flags (mainly Canadian and Ontario). The store is GORGEOUS.  It took a lot out of me to not buy everything in sight.  If you live in the Hamilton area and like to support small business that create made by hand products, you gotta check out Canoe.


Halyard: Now Available at Tonic Living!

I am delighted that a selection of Halyard’s flags will now be available for purchase at Tonic Living in Toronto.  If you’re into amazing fabrics and dreamy home decor, I highly recommend checking out their website or store! Accidental rhyming is great.


Stouffville Creek Retirement Christmas Craft Sale

I will be participating in the Stouffville Creek Retirement Christmas Craft Sale happening on November 1 from 9 am to 12:30 pm.  I’m particularly excited about this one because it is the first craft show that I have been invited to! They saw my flags at the Stouffville Strawberry Festival and thought of me for their Christmas Craft Sale. OF COURSE I had to say yes because they made me feel like a celebrity and my big fat ego will take any and all compliments.

And exciting news for those of you who couldn’t make Apple Picking Day: Apples of Glasgow will be selling their apple cider! The ingredients of this cider are: apples from Apples of Glasgow. That’s it. I can’t oversell this cider because it is insanely delicious and not pumped up with glucose/fructose/etc! It would be worth coming to this show solely for the free samples of cider. I hope to see you there!

Made by Hand Postgame Breakdown

(Looking to appeal to the male audience with that blog post title)

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@halyardflags) you will have seen that I was at Made by Hand this weekend.  It was a great show with a collection of excellent makers.  Me and my mom (aka Halyard’s number one employee) bought for ourselves/for Christmas presents from five booths soooo that’s a small indication of the high quality of work at the show.

My new Made by Hand craft show pals informed me that this was the first year the show was two days AND that admission was 7 dollars for customers (usually there is admission but it is less). Through many conversations it was deduced that this may have effected attendance so the crowds weren’t insane.  As my mom succinctly put it, “I want it to be so busy that people have difficulty navigating their strollers.” Don’t get it twisted, my mom doesn’t wish ill will on people with strollers, she just wanted a few more customers to be there, and same with me.

However, lowish attendance aside, this show was amazing for Halyard as a business.  I met a variety of GREAT CRAFT SHOW MANAGERS who enjoyed my work, encouraged me to apply to their shows, and pumped up my ego.  I don’t want to name the shows yet because I am being superstitious and don’t want to claim I have anything before I actually do. Let’s just say, my mom and I did a variety of celebratory dancing and laughing after these show managers were out of earshot. It’s great that Made by Hand was at the spacious International centre as there was barely enough room for my ginormous head after the compliments.

I was also approached by the very cool owners of a very cool store in the Hamilton area. Halyard is going to be present in a couple stores in the next month and I can’t wait to tell you about them once everything is confirmed! (Again, superstition, can’t say things are definite until they are definitely definite).

Finally Halyard was asked to make 17 little flags for a travelling couple’s upcoming wedding.  They are foregoing table numbers. Instead, their guests will find their table by looking for their assigned country’s flag.  And they won’t be looking for just any flag.  They will be looking for a wooden, hand-made, one of a kind flag made by Halyard.


Thanks for having me Made by Hand!

HalfnHalf Flags

I’ve made a few half-of-one-flag-half-of-another-flag flags recently and I am loving them! I’ve dubbed them HalfnHalf flags and I can’t wait to make more.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 10.32.52 AM
Half USA Half Canada

Half Canada Half Union Jack

Half British Columbia Half Ontario

Email me at liza@halyardflags.com to get your own custom halfnhalf flags!

Apple Picking Approaching!

A reminder: Apple Picking day at Apples of Glasgow is happening this Sunday! Come out and enjoy the beautiful fall foilage, some crisp delicious apples, freshly pressed apple cider and some fresh air. Oh, and of course, a beautiful selection of flags from Halyard! Hope to see you there. For more information, visit Apples of Glasgow’s facebook page.

Apple Picking

If you like apple picking and my flags, have I got exciting news for you! My studio is located on my parent’s apple orchard.  On October 5, 2014, they will be hosting their first ever pick-your-own day open to everyone! I will have my booth set up and will be selling flags. There will also be a juice presser there which means you can turn your freshly picked apples into cider ON SITE! Check out the Apples of Glasgow facebook page for updates.  BRING THE KIDS! BRING GRANDMA! BRING THE WHOLE GANG!

The exciting news is finally here!

Drum roll please (press play)…

I’m now a seller on Brika! If you haven’t heard of Brika before, you’re going to be happy that I’m telling you about it now.  It’s an amazing website which helps crafters, makers, artists, designers, etc, sell their products to the world.  The website’s interface works like any online shopping space.  The kicker with this website is that they select who sells on their website so you won’t come across any nonsense garbage here.  Only true gems.  Even better, this international company is BASED IN TORONTO! And if you think that’s amazing wait until you hear this: Brika is run by two very impressive women.

I was in love with Brika before they accepted my application to be apart of their website. I would’ve recommended simultaneously supporting a great company and amazing makers by purchasing from Brika before today.  But after today, I’m going to recommend it more because shameless self promotion.

I’m selling three items on Brika: the Canadian flag, the wood and white Canadian flag and the USA flag.  You can check ’em all out here, my just-launched Brika page. (Is this real? Who knows. Dreams do come true.)

(Pre) Studio Tour Part Two

Slowly but surely, this studio space will get finished.  Handy man Andrew has completed his part of the job.


Look at that profesh hole covering!


So now it’s up to me and my incredibly helpful mom to get this place lookin’ fancy.  We’ve got a couple of coats of paint on the walls, and half the ceiling painted.  Things left to do: move out huge pieces of wood, finish painting ceiling, paint floors, move in shelving for storage, organize paints and brushes, find a place for everything and put everything in its place, put up ~*~iNsPiRaTiOnAl QuOtEs~*~ (but for real), and share the finished product with you! We have a date set to get the ball rolling so hopefully everything will be in order before September.

Oh and that exciting news I’ve been eluding to for a long time? I still haven’t shared it with you but THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER! I’ll let you know next week.  I’m just DYING to share it. 

Approaching: Uxbridge Art in the Park

I’m really looking forward to this weekend at Uxbridge Art in the Park.  I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with craft shows after getting through a couple of them.  I’ve learned a lot from the past two craft shows which have lead to two changes: pricing and booth set up.

The pricing is now more inclusive to a variety of purse string tensities.  Flags will be going for as little as $30 from now on!! Thanks to passers by who said “I wouldn’t pay 60 bucks for that” too loudly to their friends.  Your words stung at the time but I’M TURNING LEMONS INTO LEMONADE OVER HERE.

As for my booth, I’ve spent my down time at other craft shows trying to decipher the psychology of how a customer can most effectively interact with a vendor’s products.  I’ve come to the conclusion that, although I’m not standing directly in front of my products at craft shows, I stand in the plane of space before my products and that may cause people to hesitate to browse.  I think I have found a way to rectify that without loosing the aesthetic I was trying to create originally. I’ll be sure to post pictures on Instagram of the new booth set up this weekend!

“They’re all evil in their own way”

This weekend I was at Parkdale Flea.  Now, I’m no business major but I think when it comes to sales you want more quantity, and quality doesn’t matter.  This weekend quantity wasn’t really in the cards at the Parkdale Flea as there weren’t too many attendees.  However, I got two really quality sales and I’m thrilled about them.

The first wonderful sale was to one of my brothers, Andrew (previously mentioned as he is helping with renovating my studio). He recently built a bridge and there was wood left over from the project.  I used the left over wood to make a few smaller flags including this one:


Andrew generously bought this Ontario flag, a personal favourite with that interesting knot at the bottom.

Later in the day a cool dude (not a descriptive phrase I use often, but incredibly appropriate in this situation) came by my booth.  He informed us that there was a video shoot going on at a music studio around the corner.  He pondered which flag he should buy, the internal debate occurring because, as he said, “they’re all evil in their own way.” I promptly decided that was the coolest compliment I could ever receive for my flags.  He decided on a Canadian flag and as he was buying his flag said that he “liked supporting people who were out there doing it” because he too is an artist.  My mom was there for this whole encounter and after the cool dude left we debated about what his role was in the video shoot around the corner.  Roady? Musician? Groupie?  At the end of the day, our neighbouring vendor informed us that his name is Tom Wilson, a Canadian musician from Hamilton.  We promptly did a google search of “Tom Wilson Canadian Musician” (there are a lot of Tom Wilsons) and he had the fame verifying wikipedia page.

So Parkdale Flea wasn’t a quantity day but a quality day.  Thanks Andrew and Tom!

I leave you with a video of Tom performing the song Shine from his band Junkhouse.

Parkdale Flea

I’m so excited to be in Parkdale Flea this Sunday June 20! The Flea is on from 10-5 and I’d love to see you there. There will be the usual plethora of Canadian flags at the Halyard booth but this time I’m also bringing along some Union Jacks, American flags, and Ontario flags! Keep your fingers crossed that we have another beautiful weekend a head of us.

Exciting announcements to come so please stay tuned!

Stouffville Strawberry Festival Complete!

I sold flags for the first time in person this weekend and it was a success! Not only was it my first time selling flags in person, it was my first time being at the Strawberry Festival and it now comes highly recommended by me.  Thanks again to my hardworking helpers and to everyone who supported me in any way.  The love truly was felt this weekend.

Uxbridge Art in the Park is happening August 16th and 17th and after this great weekend I’m really looking forward to it!

AAAaaaaaAAAAaaaaAaaaannnddd I have a VERY exciting announcement to make in the near future but I’m going to wait until the powers that be give me the go ahead to share this great news.

Big Things!

Such a wild day, today!

First of all, the wonderful people at Hoopla are giving away one of my flags. Click here to find out how it can be all yours.

Second, my flags have been featured on houseporn.ca! Thanks to Gorana at houseporn for writing this beautiful article.


Uxbridge Art in the Park

I HAVE CONFIRMATION FOR MY FIRST ART SHOW AND I AM SUPER PUMPED. Uxbridge Art in the Park happens in, you guessed it, Uxbridge. This year it’s happening on August 16th & 17th at Elgin Park and I have never been more excited for anything. I’ll keep you posted on how preparation for the show goes!

(Pre) Studio Tour

Welcome to the (Pre) Studio Tour series of this blog, where I will be taking you through the trials and tribulations of updating a space from DRAB TO FAB!!!!!! And by FAB I mean a functioning studio where I can streamline the making of Halyard flags.

One of the many benefits to having (super fantastic) parents who live on a farm is that they have an abundance of space. With a portion of this space, I am renovating/making my studio.  The space was the previous owner’s music studio located in the barn. It’s a big space with a kitchen and fire place. In other words, this is going to be a super swanky studio. Even the “before” pictures aren’t that bad:


Okay, so there’s quite a bit of crud to clean up. This room is currently being used as a storage/catch-all space by my parents.  However, take note of those gorgeous pieces of wood to the left of those eye-sore vinyl chairs.  A huge branch fell off a tree at my parents’ place and they decided to get the wood milled so that it could be turned into any variety of things, including a couple of very special, very one of a kind flags.



Swanky city fire place ft. ugly vinyl chairs w/ full throttle rip-the-skin-off-the-back-of-your-legs-when-you-sit-on-them-in-shorts capacities.



A nice shot exemplifying the missing/incomplete drywall.  In life, I recommend having someone who is passionate about being a handy man (but is not a handy man as his day job). My cool as heck brother Andrew has already started fixing up some of the holes and is going to tackle the bigger areas soon.



And the kitchen! A sink and lots of cupboard space will do me well in my painting endeavours.

I’m hoping to have this place functioning in the near future and looking nice in the slightly more distant future. Stay tuned for more updates on this (Pre) Studio Tour!

Yellow Brick House Silent Auction Donation

Halyard’s getting charitable by donating this flag to the 2014 Yellow Brick House Gala‘s silent auction.  


Yellow Brick House is a great organization that provides aid to women and children who experience domestic violence.  Their Markham Gala is being held at Angus Glen Golf Club on April 25.  Give the flyer below a look if you’re interested! 


If you’re feeling sad…

…start a business and launch your social media.  I like to remind myself frequently how great my friends and family are but, boy, did you guys out do yourselves yesterday! Thanks for the love, it’s motivating and wonderful. 



I have just looked through the most beautiful photographs.  Alex Lee, the mastermind behind Young Hearts Photography, took these gems on Tuesday and I could not be more excited about how they turned out! But hey, don’t take my word for it.  Check ’em out for yourself!














I’m very obsessed with all of the pictures.  You can check out more by clicking the Flags tab above or click here. Undying gratitude shout out to Alex (again).

“Stay tuned for more on this fun and exciting process I am about to dive into,” she says as she tries not to vomit with excitement and terror.

Life is terrifying and fun and exciting

Welcome to my first blog post! You may remember me from such blogs as “Dodgy: My Favourite British Word,” and a collection of weird blogs I had as a preteen.  This is my first blog post as a burgeoning entrepreneur.  I would kindly ask that everyone now refer to my exclusively as Entrepreneur Liza.  Or just Liza, because that’s my name.  My business’s name is Halyard.  You may be asking yourself: Why Halyard? How do you pronounce that? Why would anyone ever want to be called Entrepreneur Liza? These are all WONDERFUL questions, kind reader.  To find out answers to those questions and more, I urge you to go to my about page and then come back here where the hilarity will continue.

This blog will serve as a place for me to update you about Halyard’s goings on.  We* have many exciting things coming up like events where I will be selling my flags, studio renovations, and a plethora of flag making. I invite you to join me on what is guaranteed to be a zany journey. How can you resist guaranteed zaniness?

*This is not a royal we.  I may be the sole employee/employer of Halyard but there are a variety of people I am absolutely certain this journey would be impossible without and I would like to use this footnote to thank those glorious people, Oscars style. Dawndawn and Ronron, I can’t imagine I will ever run out of reasons to thank you so words on a blog won’t suffice. Brothers and sister-in-law, thank you for being three of my biggest supporters before there was a business to support. And a preemptive thanks to the generous people who will donate there time to me in the future as I am frantically preparing for craft shows.