Made by Hand Postgame Breakdown

(Looking to appeal to the male audience with that blog post title)

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@halyardflags) you will have seen that I was at Made by Hand this weekend.  It was a great show with a collection of excellent makers.  Me and my mom (aka Halyard’s number one employee) bought for ourselves/for Christmas presents from five booths soooo that’s a small indication of the high quality of work at the show.

My new Made by Hand craft show pals informed me that this was the first year the show was two days AND that admission was 7 dollars for customers (usually there is admission but it is less). Through many conversations it was deduced that this may have effected attendance so the crowds weren’t insane.  As my mom succinctly put it, “I want it to be so busy that people have difficulty navigating their strollers.” Don’t get it twisted, my mom doesn’t wish ill will on people with strollers, she just wanted a few more customers to be there, and same with me.

However, lowish attendance aside, this show was amazing for Halyard as a business.  I met a variety of GREAT CRAFT SHOW MANAGERS who enjoyed my work, encouraged me to apply to their shows, and pumped up my ego.  I don’t want to name the shows yet because I am being superstitious and don’t want to claim I have anything before I actually do. Let’s just say, my mom and I did a variety of celebratory dancing and laughing after these show managers were out of earshot. It’s great that Made by Hand was at the spacious International centre as there was barely enough room for my ginormous head after the compliments.

I was also approached by the very cool owners of a very cool store in the Hamilton area. Halyard is going to be present in a couple stores in the next month and I can’t wait to tell you about them once everything is confirmed! (Again, superstition, can’t say things are definite until they are definitely definite).

Finally Halyard was asked to make 17 little flags for a travelling couple’s upcoming wedding.  They are foregoing table numbers. Instead, their guests will find their table by looking for their assigned country’s flag.  And they won’t be looking for just any flag.  They will be looking for a wooden, hand-made, one of a kind flag made by Halyard.


Thanks for having me Made by Hand!

“They’re all evil in their own way”

This weekend I was at Parkdale Flea.  Now, I’m no business major but I think when it comes to sales you want more quantity, and quality doesn’t matter.  This weekend quantity wasn’t really in the cards at the Parkdale Flea as there weren’t too many attendees.  However, I got two really quality sales and I’m thrilled about them.

The first wonderful sale was to one of my brothers, Andrew (previously mentioned as he is helping with renovating my studio). He recently built a bridge and there was wood left over from the project.  I used the left over wood to make a few smaller flags including this one:


Andrew generously bought this Ontario flag, a personal favourite with that interesting knot at the bottom.

Later in the day a cool dude (not a descriptive phrase I use often, but incredibly appropriate in this situation) came by my booth.  He informed us that there was a video shoot going on at a music studio around the corner.  He pondered which flag he should buy, the internal debate occurring because, as he said, “they’re all evil in their own way.” I promptly decided that was the coolest compliment I could ever receive for my flags.  He decided on a Canadian flag and as he was buying his flag said that he “liked supporting people who were out there doing it” because he too is an artist.  My mom was there for this whole encounter and after the cool dude left we debated about what his role was in the video shoot around the corner.  Roady? Musician? Groupie?  At the end of the day, our neighbouring vendor informed us that his name is Tom Wilson, a Canadian musician from Hamilton.  We promptly did a google search of “Tom Wilson Canadian Musician” (there are a lot of Tom Wilsons) and he had the fame verifying wikipedia page.

So Parkdale Flea wasn’t a quantity day but a quality day.  Thanks Andrew and Tom!

I leave you with a video of Tom performing the song Shine from his band Junkhouse.

Stouffville Strawberry Festival Complete!

I sold flags for the first time in person this weekend and it was a success! Not only was it my first time selling flags in person, it was my first time being at the Strawberry Festival and it now comes highly recommended by me.  Thanks again to my hardworking helpers and to everyone who supported me in any way.  The love truly was felt this weekend.

Uxbridge Art in the Park is happening August 16th and 17th and after this great weekend I’m really looking forward to it!

AAAaaaaaAAAAaaaaAaaaannnddd I have a VERY exciting announcement to make in the near future but I’m going to wait until the powers that be give me the go ahead to share this great news.