Approaching: Uxbridge Art in the Park

I’m really looking forward to this weekend at Uxbridge Art in the Park.  I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with craft shows after getting through a couple of them.  I’ve learned a lot from the past two craft shows which have lead to two changes: pricing and booth set up.

The pricing is now more inclusive to a variety of purse string tensities.  Flags will be going for as little as $30 from now on!! Thanks to passers by who said “I wouldn’t pay 60 bucks for that” too loudly to their friends.  Your words stung at the time but I’M TURNING LEMONS INTO LEMONADE OVER HERE.

As for my booth, I’ve spent my down time at other craft shows trying to decipher the psychology of how a customer can most effectively interact with a vendor’s products.  I’ve come to the conclusion that, although I’m not standing directly in front of my products at craft shows, I stand in the plane of space before my products and that may cause people to hesitate to browse.  I think I have found a way to rectify that without loosing the aesthetic I was trying to create originally. I’ll be sure to post pictures on Instagram of the new booth set up this weekend!

Uxbridge Art in the Park

I HAVE CONFIRMATION FOR MY FIRST ART SHOW AND I AM SUPER PUMPED. Uxbridge Art in the Park happens in, you guessed it, Uxbridge. This year it’s happening on August 16th & 17th at Elgin Park and I have never been more excited for anything. I’ll keep you posted on how preparation for the show goes!